The Benefits of Human Hairpieces and Wigs!

Advantages of Natural Human Hair Wigs:

  • They are much more realistic in appearance in comparison to synthetic wigs
  • Great durability: If taken care of correctly human hair wigs can last a long time as human hair is stronger than synthetic hair fibre.
  • The same styling and maintenance is required for the hair as it is human and should be treated and look after as if it was your own real hair. It can be custom-coloured and can tolerate heat from styling appliances such as hair tongs and straighteners.

Disadvantages of Natural Human Hair Wigs:

  • As with real hair, it reacts to the climate the same way natural hair would e.g. it may frizz or lose curl in humid types of weather.
  • The hair will need to be styled again after shampooing.
  • The hair colour may fade with much over-exposure to light.
  • The hair will break if not taken care of properly e.g. mistreatment by harsh brushing or overuse of heat styling appliances.