The Top 10 Benefits of Hair Extensions

Deciding to go for hair extensions can be very exciting and can actually change your life. There are many benefits for opting for hair extensions and below are some of the Top 10 we have picked out for you.

  1. Firstly, you can often feel more confident! Yes, something as simple as getting a new hairstyle can make you instantly feel confident, attractive, more feminine.
  2. You can add colour to your hairstyle without any damage to your own hair, for example get highlights or dye it to the colour of your choice. You can easily take the hair extensions out when you’re bored or fancy a change.
  3. Having hair extensions is like instantly growing healthy hair all over again. Extensions will help cover/hide any damaged and split ends  you may have and leave your hair looking shiny and luxurious.
  4. One of the most common reasons for adding hair extensions is the added length it gives to your hair. You could go from having 10 inch hair to 24 inches in just a few hours!
  5. As ironic as it sounds it can allow you to grow your natural hair out. It can give your hair the break it needs to grow and lets the extensions take the heat (this applies to sewn in extensions to braids).
  6. Another common one, is the added volume it gives to your hair.
  7. Extensions can also make you look younger! Revitalise your style with a healthier, younger and more vibrant looking you.
  8. Go out and enjoy life more! Hair can sometimes leave you feeling in-secure and anti-social, but when you’re happy and confident in the way you look, you will want to go out and show off your new look with pride.
  9. The big bonus is it’s not permanent. Unlike getting your hair coloured or cut, extensions are reversible. So if you try them out and feel they’re not for you then you can simply take them out with little to no effect on your own hair.
  10. Numerous styling possibilities, from up-do’s, ponytails, to straightened and waved hair. The possibilities are endless.

Those where the top features of having hair extensions next time you opt for a new hair style. For longer lasting extensions be sure to opt for human hair over synthetic.