Hints and Tips

Here we will post any hints and tips we feel will help you look after and maintain your hairstyles.

  1. Jun

    Why not try a Wig for a change

    Ladies if you ever thought of having a short hairstyle but not too sure if it will suit you, why not try wearing a wig in the style you like. We have a wide range of wigs and the staff at TZ are more [...]
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  2. May

    How to Rescue your Hairline

    Your hairline can grow back if the follicles in the scalp are not damaged in any way. These are 5 steps that help give your hairline the best chance of re- growth: 1. Eliminate all sources of force fr[...]
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  3. May

    What Causes Hairline Damage?

    The hairline is the weakest area of the hair, its often made up of lanugo hair, a fine hair that looks like baby hair. The lanugo hair is at the very edges of your hairline and once uprooted from the [...]
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  4. Apr

    From Relaxed to Natural Hair

    When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, be gentle when detain giggling and styling your tresses. The line of demarcation (The point at which your natural texture meets your relaxed hair) is t[...]
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