Price List

RelaxersFrom (£)
Full Head58.00
Retouch (Roots Only)50.00
Texturiser (S-Curl) Short35.00
Relaxer, Restyle Cut And Finish70.00
TreatmentsFrom (£)
Hot Oil, Steam & Finish35.00
Moroccan, Steam & Finish38.00
Moisturising Steam35.00
Keratin Treatments170.00
Keratin Treatments (retouch)150.00
Curly PermsFrom (£)
Full Head63.00
Retouch (Roots Only)53.00
ColourFrom (£)
Full Head40.00
Retouch (Roots Only)25.00
Semi Colours15.00
BraidingFrom (£)
Single Braiding95.00
Canerow With Extensions45.00
Canerow (Gents)20.00
Ghana Braiding45.00
Afro Twist75.00
Childrens Canerow20.00
ServicesFrom (£)
Shampoo & Blow dry20.00
Shampoo & Set25.00
Shampoo, Blow dry & Curl30.00
WeavesFrom (£)
Full Head Weave78.00
Curly Weave70.00
Take Off, Shampoo,Cond & Reweave115.00
Weave Extension Per Track/Row20.00
Retwisting Locks63.00
*These Prices Do Not Include Hair Extensions
Shampoo & Fork Blowout Before Extensions Extra13.00
Cuts/TrimsFrom (£)
Dry Trim15.00
Trim After A Service13.00
Restyle Cut Only20.00
Shampoo, Restyle Cut & Finish40.00
Restyle Cut And Curl30.00
Natural HairFrom (£)
Shampoo Blow, Press Straight40.00
Shampoo Blow Press & Curl43.00
Pressing (No Shampoo)25.00