Hints and Tips

Here we will post any hints and tips we feel will help you look after and maintain your hairstyles.

  1. Sep

    Colour Isn’t Mandatory!!

    We all know people who change hair colors like people change their socks. There are some stylists who believe everyone should have some artificial color in their hair. While others cannot even remembe[...]
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  2. Sep

    Tips On Hair Shampooing

    Many clients don’t realize how important the scalp is. It controls hair growth, so when the scalp is healthy, your hair will be strong and beautiful. Keep your scalp well-nourished by following thes[...]
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  3. Aug

    Be Extra Careful With Wet Hair

    Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair, but that also leaves it more prone to breakage. For that reason, you must be extra careful when manipulating wet hair. When the hair has been wet or shampooed, [...]
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